28 May 2020

How are you doing? It seems to be the question of the moment and at this moment in time it is said with thoughtfulness and with an actual interest in the answer.  There have been so many times in my life when I have been asked by someone, ‘how are you today?’ and after starting with my reply of ‘fine, thank you,’ I am cut short before I can carry on to tell the person a little more.  At the moment though, if you answer with ‘fine, thank you,’ this is then questioned.  ‘Are you sure your fine?  Really fine?’

So, I hope that you are fine and enjoying the time that you have at home, if that applies.  My hubby and I have been isolating in our home sine 11th March, thats’ quite the long old  haul.  We are very lucky, we have a lovely garden in which we’ve been able to spend plenty of time and as we live in a rural village, the local walks are special.  There is something magical to see every time we venture out for our daily walk, just like the picture on the right I took only a few days ago.  A secret path to an unknown world perhaps?

For those that have not been in isolation, I hope that reading my books will help transport your mind to a different place and take you away from your worries about the day to day.  Please continue to stay safe and most importantly stay well.


11th May 2020

Well, we are certainly living in unprecedented times in England at the moment.  Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, gave his updated statement yesterday which has left most people in conflict as to what to do and whether to go out or stay home!  Whether to visit our family or not.  As the guidance is so vague, it is up to us to make sure we do what is right and safe for ourselves, our family and friends and for the time being, we are sticking to the stay home, stay safe rule!  At least this way I will have more time to put into my current work in progress.  The only problem is that I have a garden that I adore and two fur babies who like to play and when the weather is so glorious, as it has been, it is very hard to drag myself away and sit at the computer.  Thankfully, today is a grey old day and it looks like rain is imminent, so at the computer I sit.

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