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The Ghost Inside Me

Young Adult to Adult (not recommended for under 15’s due to psychological & supernatural content).

Henry enjoyed her simple life living in rural England but that all began to crumble after her best friend cajoled her into taking part in a Ghost Hunt. Believing they had unleashed something quite evil from the empty house, Henry begins trying to piece together who the departed soul is that, now, has its energy set on hurting her and those closest to her. Can she defeat this evil spirit before it defeats her?


A Christmas Eve Tale

A perfect short bedtime read for young children (recommended age range 2 to 11). 

Perfect for your little ones on Christmas Eve. This short rhyming story is all about the excitement of Christmas Eve and a chance sighting of the 'Big Man' himself but when he accidentally leaves a present behind that is for another little boy somewhere else in the world, the three children decide to take matters into their own hands to make sure the little boy gets his Christmas surprise!

The Magic Stone

A perfect short bedtime read for young children (recommended age range 2 to 11). 

This enchanting poem tells the story of three little children and the fairies that live in the roots of the hawthorn hedge at the bottom of their garden. When young fairy Daisy loses the ruby stone, all the fairy magic is lost and without their magic, the fairies can no longer collect the children’s teeth that have been so carefully placed beneath their pillows. Daisy knows she must do something to get the stone back and with her brother Joe they set out on a mission to find the stone and return the magic to the land of fairies once again.

Paperback includes a bonus extra poem!

The Magic Stone

Caitlin’s Big Adventures

The Little Green Alien


A perfect bedtime read for young children (recommended age range 3 to 11). 

A great short story for bedtime reading, perfect for ages of up to around 11 years old. On her way home from school one day, Caitlin decides that when she grows up she wants to be an astronaut. She asks her Daddy if he can make her a rocket-ship and together they build the most magnificent rocket-ship ever! Built from old pallets, an upturned plant pot and a metal sieve and painted in a lovely red with ribbons of orange and yellow attached to the bottom that flutter in the breeze, the rocket is ready for lift off. Then in the middle of the night, when the moon is full and after Mrs Thomas, the neighbourhood witch from down the street, secretly casts a little spell on the rocket, Caitlin is woken up by some thudding noises in the garden and when she peeps out of her window she spots a small and funny looking green alien standing in her rocket-ship. She quietly sneaks out of the house and befriends the alien who takes her on a magical journey.

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